Maxford USA Hughes H-1 with Electric Retracts

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Product Features

  • 50" not too big for your car back seat, not too small in the breeze.
  • Fully shielded with balsa sheet, make the turtleback much stronger if pilot wants to go faster and looks more scale.
  • Pre-installed electic landing gear and gear door.
  • Fibreglass Cowl with Max-Cowling and improved scale look dummy engine.
  • Large hatch on top, will fit 4S Li-Po and easy access to all electrics.
  • Rudder and elevator control systems are changed and easy to assemble.

Product Description

This is a scale model of the famous Howard Hughes H-1 from the Golden Age of Aviation, the 20-year period between the end of World War I and the beginning of World War II. Though originally designed simply for speed, the H-1 had many new features that influenced the design of high-performance aircraft for years, including retractable landing gear, gently curving wing fillets, rivets and joints that were flush with the aircraft's skin, and ailerons that could be drooped when the flaps were fully extended, improving lift along the full length of the wing for takeoffs and landings.

The original H-1 is now on display in the Golden Age of Flight gallery in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

The 1st version of Maxford USA H-1 was released after nearly 2 years in development and true to the original designe, it is stable at both low and high speeds, features concealed rudder and elevator controls, the new developed Max Cowling fiberglass cowl, magnetic battery hatch, spring loaded tail wheel and optional retractable landing gear.

Version 2 is the new improved version make this unique ARF even better than the 1st version.

Items included with this kit:

  • Precovered fuselage, wing panels, and tail surfaces.
  • Prepainted fiberglass cowl with dummy engine.
  • Prepainted plastic tail fairings.
  • Precut hinge openings and all needed CA hinges.
  • Retractable landing gear assembled and installed.
  • Composite wing joiner tube, installed pushrods, and all related hardware (except those items normally supplied with servos and the electric motor).


Wingspan: 50in (1270mm)
Overall Length: 41in (1041mm)
Wing Area: 490 sq in
Flying weight: around 5lbs (2.27Kg)
ARF Weight: 4lbs (1.81Kg)
Wing Loading: 23.5oz/sq in

Required to Complete:

Motor: TBC
Battery: A 4S 3300-4000mAh Li-Po Battery
Propeller: EP 11 ~ 7"
Radio System: Minimum 5 Channels, 4 Mini Servos


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