Maxford USA Curtiss JN-4 'Jenny' 105in (V2)

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  • Fibreglass cowl with scale dummy 90 HP Curtiss OX-5 V8 engine and radiator.
  • All airframe assemblies are precovered & pretrimmed.
  • Aileron hinge-slots are precut, and each aileron is separately operated by its own in-wing servo.
  • All required openings are predrilled and/or precut.
  • Cockpit and windshield coaming is preinstalled.
  • Pull-pull cables and clevises for elevator and rudder control are preinstalled.
  • Landing gear is preformed, and wheels, wheel collars and a steerable tail wheel are included.

Aircraft History

The Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny" two-seat biplane was one of the most popular airplanes of all time. It was the first mass-produced airplane and was manufactured in larger numbers than any previous American airplane. By the time of the Armistice in 1918, well over 6,000 JN-4s had been built.

Jennys were used to train 95% of all World War I United States and Canadian pilots; flying schools in Australia, the United Kingdom and France also used them. Sadly, as a consequence, nearly 20% of all Jennys ever built were lost in the course of flight instruction.


Wingspan:105" (2666mm)
Overall Length:78" (1981mm)
Wing Area:1,760 Sq in
Flying Weight:about 20 lbs
Engine Required:40-50CC Gas, 160-180 Glow or equivalent electric motor.

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