Maxford USA Hansa Brandenburg W.29 with Floats

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Product Features

  • Prepainted cockpit assembly allows easy access and is secured by alignment pins and powerful magnets.
  • ARF comes with scale dummy-engine and nose-mounted radiator.
  • Scale landing gear struts with customer’s choice of either floats or skis (This version is with Floats only).
  • Optional military weapons upgrade package (three scale machine guns and machine gun mounts.
  • Optional land-mobile/display upgrade kit with spoked 2 1/2-inch scale wheels.

Product Description

The Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 German fighter monoplane floatplane was a new type of seaplane evolved by Heinkel during the last months of 1917 and served during the closing months of World War I.

The Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 had a 195 hp Benz engine with exhaust stubs discharging above and to left of the exposed cylinder heads; its front-mounted radiator and louvers in the metal side panels which enclosed the bulk of the engine providing cooling; and its thick, broad wings, made of wood and fabric and rigged with several degrees of dihedral, made it a strong, stable fighting platform.

Flown mainly on the North Sea, its most famous pilot was Oberleutnant Christiensen (Friedrich Christiansen). With a top speed of 110 mph and excellent maneuverability, the Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 was a worthy adversary against the opposing Short sea planes and Curtiss and Felixstowe flying boats. Moreover, on July 6th, 1918, a formation of Hansa-Brandenburg W.29s led by Christiansen made a surprise attack the British submarine C25 they discovered on the surface; the submarine's motors were quickly put out of action and many of the crew, including its Commanding Officer, became casualties.


Wingspan: 53in (1346mm)
Wing Area:
Fuselage Length: 43in (1092mm)
ARF weight: 2lbs 8oz (1.13Kg)
Flying Weight: 3lbs 10oz (with Radio and Power System) (1.64kg)
Radio Required: 4-Channel, 4 Mini/Micro Servos

ARF comes with dummy-engine and nose-mounted radiator. Scale machine guns, pilots and scale land mobile kit are optional.

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