Hacker MXS-804 Vector ARF (Star Green)

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Super aerobatic model for extreme indoor and outdoor aerobatic flying. Model is produced by modern technology on CNC machines from EPP "almost unbreakable" material. Flying weight of the model is from 210 grams with M FORCE 2815CA-20 motor and 2S 450mAh or 3S 350mAh battery. Model is able to do looping in "knife" flight and performe unlimited flying manoeuvers.

Technical Data

Weight:from 210g
Motor:M FORCE2815 CA20

Items Needed To Complete:

  • 4 Channel RC Set with 3 Micro Servos (2pc 6g No. HC 4302, 1pc 9g No. HC 4309)
  • Brushless electromotor M FORCE 2815CA-20 No.HC 3503
  • MC-12A Electronic Speed Controller No. HC 3365
  • Accu pack LiPol from 2S 450mAh or 3S 350mAh
  • Propeller 8/4.3" No. HC 5421 B (for 2S battery) or 7/3.5" (for 3S battery)
  • Thin CA glue & CA kicker.


MXS-804 Vector Instruction Manual

  • Model:

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