Hacker Madbull ARF (Blue)

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Although MadBull looks like a school model, but thanks to its proportions and huge rudders, its a full-blooded 3D acrobat. It is based on the PittsBULL biplane, including floating VOP, which can be in the range of almost +-90°. The lightweight and durable design of the EPP sheets model also facilitates great flight performance. In contrast to the similar indoor planes, the ailerons are controlled by two servos (especially for left and right side). In addition to making it easier to set the aisles position and the size of the deflections on both sides crazy pilots can try to mix ailerons into the elevator as a flap to make even more crazy maneuvers. With this crazy high-wing plane, you will surely be different from the others!

Items Needed To Complete:

  • RC Set with at least 5 channels
  • 3 Micro Servos 5-6g
  • Brushless electromotor MFORCE 2815CA-20
  • MC-12A Electronic Speed Controller
  • Battery pack LiPol 2S 450mAh
  • Propeller HD 8/4"
  • thin CA glue
  • CA kicker
  • Basic tools


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