Dualsky GA800.11 V2 X-Motor (30E-40E Class)

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Dualsky GA800.11 brushless motor designed for 30E~40E class 3D aircraft upto 55in wingspan.


  • Brushless Motor
  • New modular light weight structure
  • Dualsky 28 poles efficient structure
  • Directly driven by 46mm diameter rotor without gearing box
  • Suitable for 1.5kg to 1.8kg (upto 55in wingspan) 3D/aerobatic models and upto 2.2kg sport models


GA800 Dimension Drawing


Weight w/o accessories:160g
Outer Diameter:46mm
Length w/mounts:42mm/td>
Length (Overall):74mm
Diameter of Shaft:5mm (Internal), 8mm (Output)
Mounting Holes Pitch:53mm to 58mm (D4.2)
Slots, Poles:24, 28
Idle Current (Io) @10V:1.3A
Resistane (Ri):42.7 mOhm
Nominal Voltage:22.2V, 6S Lipo
Peak Power (15s):1000W
Bursts Current (15s):42A
Crusing Power (8 mins):500W
Recommended ESC:XC406ULT
Propeller:12 x 6 for best efficiency
13 x 6.5 for performance pilots
14 x 7 for extreme thrust
Weight of Sport Airplane:Up to 2.2kg
Weight of 3D Airplane:1.5kg to 1.8kg
Applications:For 30E to 40E Class
3D Airplane (upto 55in wingspan)

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