Dualsky XM6355DA-28 V4 F3A Competition 180RPM/V X-Motor

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V4 Features:

  • The new fourth-generation design, redesigned all parts based on the DA family design elements.
  • XM6352DA V4, corresponding to 3000 watts class, suitable for lightweight F3A airplanes and up to 12kg gliders.
  • XM6355DA V4 output is up to 3700 watts. It is the standard power for F3A, for example: bipe F3A. It is also suitable for gliders up to 20kg.
  • New curved magnets. Torque in the middle RPM range is increased by 12% to 15% (compared to DA V3 motor).
  • Hollow shaft and lightweight parts, the overall weight is reduced by 7% to 10%.
  • With 3 EZO bearings and precise balanced rotors, the motors can be maintenance-free up to 1000 flights.
  • Optimized rear support bearing (mount)
  • The total length of two types of motor are uniform, the accessories are interchangeable, and they can be replaced seamlessly.
  • The DUALSKY SUMMIT 100HV (Pattern Flight Edition) ESC is recommended. Its 32-bit core, smart timing and energy recovery brakes provide excellent efficiency and sense of control.


Motor Name XM6355DA-18 XM6355DA-21 XM6355DA-25 XM6355DA-28
RPM/V 280 245 205 180
Stator (Dx L) 5325 5325 5325 5325
Weight (g) 530 530 530 530
Ri (mOhm) 21.5 27.5 39.0 51.0
Io@10V(A) 1.15 0.90 0.72 0.60
Voltage (V) 32 32 40 48
Peak Current (A) 97 92 87 78
Peak Power (W) 3104 2944 3480 3744
Torque (N*M) 4.14 4.48 5.07 5.17

XM6352DA V4 output is upto 3700 watts. It is the standard power for F3A. It is also suitable for gliders upto 20kg


XM6355DA V4 Dimension Drawing

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