Dualsky ECO 2316C-V2 (KV1250) Brushless Motor

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ECO V2 has made great improvements in many respects. It brought new electromagnetic design, more competitive performance and efficiency, long-time endurance and water-proof. This is new ECO V2.

  • Classic Dualsky five-spokes back cover with simple lines. The nuances are quite different.
  • Traditional Dualsky color matching (silver-black-sliver), anodized and matte finishing
  • Multi-surface rotating laser marking, Logos, model and traceable serial number
  • Motor structure strength increased by 25%
  • Optimised stress distribution and strength increased but it did not increase the weight.
  • High strength and high toughness main shaft (HRC48)
  • The rotor limit adopts 2 insurance modes of circlip and stainless steel chocks
  • High temperature resistant, high toughness epoxy glue
  • Due to the above optimizations. The impact resistance increased about 10G, and the survival ability is greatly improved.
  • High precision double sides dynamic balancing
  • Adopt NMB ball bearing, durable and low noise. ECO 41 and bigger, equipped with 3 ball bearings
  • Optimised heat dissipation ways
  • Motor working life significantly increased by 50% (same load and working environment)
  • Modular design: main shaft, case and accessories (propeller mount and motor mount) are all compatible with the upcoming EA series. Besides, the design of propeller mount is completely implanted from GA series.
  • Up to 500V insulation level. The stator is coated with insulated-coating and completely insulated after winding.
  • Waterproof splash. Rust-proof main shaft, coil soak insulation, electrophoresis components and coated magnets make ECO V2 waterproof, and no problem working in wet or rain environment.

(PS: ball bearing not waterproof)


Dimensions (D x L)28.8 x 32.9mm
Slots and Poles12N14P
Ri (mOhm)52.2
Io @ 10V (A)1.0
No. of Cells (Li-Po)2.3
Max. Efficiency Current [A]18
Max. Burst Current (15S) [A]30
Max. Power (15S) [W]360
Max. Torque [N*M]0.28
Shaft Diameter3.175mm
Mounting Holes Pitch16/16
Input ConnectorsGC3.5
Recommended ESCXC-45-LITE or XC3012BA
Propeller2S: 12 x 6E, 13 x 6.5E | 3S: 9 x 6E, 10 x 7E
ClassFor 600-1400g airplanes


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