JR Propo MP31GWV 3.7Kg.cm/0.05s Brushless Mini Tail Servo

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  • High Speed Wide Voltage Brushless Servo.
  • Servo Type: Wide Voltage 4.5-8.5V.
  • Dual Ball Bearing.


The MP31GWV is a wide voltage mini servo for Gyro (High Speed Type).

A variety of receiver batteries are available on the model market. With certain batteries, the modeller must carefully choose appropriate servos or use a regulator between the battery and receiver; otherwise servos may be damaged due to a high-voltage supply. Every WV servo has a micro computer to detect incoming voltage and automatically set the correct voltage for the motor. Another sophisticated benefit of the new wide-voltage servos is the Slow Start function. When your system is switched on, instead of the servos instantly finding centre as quickly as possible, Slow Start assures on initial power up that the servo returns to the neutral position very slowly. The benefit is that you'll see longer life from the internal servo gears and less wear and tear on the linkages of the control surfaces.

The motor used in this series of servos is a low-maintenance brushless motor that ensures long life and near instantaneous response. You'll feel the difference the moment you take off on your first flight.


Torque:2.7 Kg.cm (4.8V) / 3.7 Kg.cm (7.4V)
Speed:0.09s/60° (4.8V) / 0.05s/60° (7.4V)
Dimensions:26.5 x 15 x 33mm
Wire Length:300mm
Voltage Range:4.5V - 8.5V

About Servos Manufactured by JR Propo

If used on a large control surface - typically aileron, rudder, elevator or flap on an Airplane. Digital Servos (DS / MP / MPH series) may move slightly around centre while on the ground. This is expected and will not occur in the air.

Do not use this servo under a different voltage other than specified.

JR Servos and 4.8v

JR design their range of servos around the voltage of a 4 cell Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh battery. These batteries are rated at 4.8v but this is a nominal voltage for the battery pack. A 4 cell battery will reach slightly over 6v when fully charged.

With modern Li-Po and Li-Fe batteries being widely used, regulated power supplies are becoming common place in model aircraft to help keep the weight down, keep a stable voltage and to aid in high power situations on large aircraft with high power servos. The use of a regulated power supply upto 6v is fine to use.

However using a 5 cell Ni-Mh battery which is rated at 6v is not ok to use, this battery will reach over 7v when fully charged and may damage the servo. If you are looking to use this type of battery we would recommend the HV, WV or NX range of JR servos which can handle this extra voltage.

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