Saito FA-182TD 4-Stroke Dual Plug Twin Glow Engine

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  • Outputs a remarkable 2.8 horsepower.
  • Equipped with dual carbs and eyecatching velocity stacks.


Punching through the air using up to 18 inch props, this mighty four-stroke outputs a remarkable 2.8 horsepower. A true high performance thoroughbred, this beautiful engine is equipped with dual carbs, complete with eyecatching velocity stacks.


Displacement: 29.98cc
Bore: 28.2mm
Stroke: 24mm
Practical RPM: 2,000 ~ 10,000
Weight: 1,040g
Recommended Prop: 15 x 8 ~ 17 x 8in
Cylinder: 14.99cc x 2 AAC
Power: 2.5HP

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